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Dream On

Dream On

When you have nothing left to lose then swinging your way to success seems perfectly acceptable!


Dream On

Based upon the critical hit and international best-selling book Dream On is a fantastic, feel good comedy based upon John Richardson’s true-life challenge .  Following the comic trials, tribulations and ultimate alienation of a simple man in pursuit of a lifelong dream.

Richardson has dreams, to be an audacious golfer, a successful businessman and an astronaut….but John is 14. Now aged 40 John’s life is very different. NASA is closing, his business is bankrupt and he cannot get around a golf course in under 100 strokes. Meeting Ryder Cup legend, Sam Torrance, John’s feelings of inferiority force an unimaginable proposal, one to which Torrance exclaims “Dream on!”.

So John’s journey begins, one that will take 70,000 balls, 60 training books, 50 instructional DVDs, thirty gloves, three pairs of shoes, and a broken patio door while practising his swing in the lounge. On his journey John enlists the aid of two ‘imaginary’ coaches, the young and thrusting Spaniard Severiano Ballesteros, and the pragmatic pipe smoking Ben Hogan. Together they embark upon much more than just sorting out John’s golf swing.

Dream On


Paying homage to the portmanteau films of the 1970s...


Dream On Paying homage to the portmanteau films of the 1970s such as Tales From The Crypt.

An ingenious plot device transports us from mysterious circumstances within which five children find themselves to their misfortunes as grown ups in todays world…

...five children that will learn certain things are best left unknown!


Jack is having a crisis of confidence...while working in a lowly city estate agents he dreams of bigger and better things!


When his flatmate, Sam, catches his girlfriend’s attempted infidelity, Jack is inspired with a shrewd business opportunity. Sometimes it’s not so easy to see the difference between the heroes and the villains…

...setting up a honeytrap detective agency to catch out straying partners it turns out that Jack’s business plan may stem psychologically from memories of his own parents’ troubled marriage (Roy Marsden and Jenny Agutter).

Director: Selwyn Roberts

Writer: David Raymond

Stars: David Raymond, James Corden, Jenna Harrison, Jenny Agutter

Produced By: Mark Pegg

Dream On


Tragedy. Survival. Triumph. Secrets. The Story of My Father


Tovarisch, I am not Dead

This feature documentary won critical praise upon its UK theatrical release in 2008 and was several international awards at festivals. Nominated at the British Independent Film Award and shortlisted at the Grierson Awards.

?Buy the DVD at Love Film or download it at iTunes 

Culled from video diaries shot over the course of fourteen years by director Stuart Urban and featuring an extended interview conducted with his father Dr. Garri Urban, “Tovarisch, I Am Not Dead” details the latter’s tireless quest to procure evidence that his family was imprisoned by the Soviet Secret Police before discovering what grim fate they ultimately met during Holocaust. For twenty-five years Dr. Urban has been on a constant mission to find out if anyone in his family survived the Holocaust, and the discovery that he had a brother living in Israel only served to fuel his hunger for more information. Now, as Dr. Urban comes face to face with the former fiancée who was imprisoned for nearly a decade due to being associated with him, the secretive shroud of the KGB finally begins to lift due to the efforts of a noted humanitarian who wasn’t willing to let go of the past without putting up a struggle.


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